Cricket is widely becoming the most popular game in the world and is loved s well as played by several people all over the world. Whenever there is a cricket match, people get excited to see it. Everybody will stop their work on the spot and cheer for their loved team with all their heart. People take the win and the loss of their team as their own. People can also see children playing cricket in several parts of the world with their friends.

One of the most reasons why cricket became so widespread and popular is the convenience and pocket-friendly nature as people can play it whenever they want in the daytime and just the things they need are a bat and a ball along with some players. Moreover, people enjoy the bating part of the sport the most due to the fun of hitting a ball as far as they can to score runs. This makes the game even more fun to play.

Difference between other games

Difference between other games and cricket

Cricket is the most widespread game among people and is no doubtedly the most popular game worldwide. This is mostly due to its feature for the players and the convenience of playing. However, several people ask, “how is cricket different from other team games” to which the answer is the following.

  • Simplicity of playing. One of the most obvious reasons why cricket is loved among people is that they can easily understand it. This is because the rules are simpler to understand than other games, such as if the ball crosses the boundary from over, it is a six, and if from rolling, it is a 4. These easy mechanisms make the game even easier to understand, thus making it fun for the viewers and players. However, while playing with their friends, people can even modify the boundary distance and some rules according to their convenience. This gives people less space to play too and fewer or greater team members.
  • Place to play. Unlike other team games such as basketball or football, where a wide space is required to play cricket can be played almost anywhere globally. However, there are still several thousand dedicated academies and sports grounds for players wanting to play cricket. This makes it a sport which can be easily played without the botheration to find perfect ground like football or basketball where net to catch the ball is needed. This is majorly due to cricket’s popularity and worldwide following that people build several stadiums to play in. However, the same cannot be said for other games as their following is far less than cricket; thus, people can only play a few places.
  • Physical fitness. Several people worldwide want to either lose weight or play games while doing it. Cricket is an idle option for them as it does not require much physical fitness. Some people also lose weight while playing it as they have to move their whole body while playing it, and thus it acts as an exercise. The game also does not require a lot of investment, thus saving them money. However, the same is not true for other games as games like football only include movement in legs and basketball movements in arms majorly. In addition, some board games that can be played in teams do not even include any movements at all and are not healthy for the body due to that.
  • Pocket Friendly. The popularity of these games keeps on growing and growing with each passing ear. However, such a huge fan base for cricket is that the money needed to play is quite low. When a person joins any other team game such as basketball, they have to buy their ball and shoes and pay for playing with a net. The same is true for football, but cricket is different because players only need a bat and a ball to play with three sticks as wickets. This makes the affordability of this game greater than other team games; thus, players worldwide, even with less money, can afford it and even share them.

Importance of influence from other people

People generally get the idea of playing or watching cricket either from their parent or their friends, as most families worldwide have at least one cricket follower or lover. Thus, the love for cricket keeps on spreading. Another reason is that famous players advertise the game, influencing people to watch and play the game. They also see players earning lots of money by playing their favorite game with other teams, which motivates them to see cricket as a carrier option.