Cricket matches are based on only two things which are Batting and balling. It is the balance between these two things. If a team has command of these two activities then no one can defeat that team.

However, all the players have their own way of playing cricket and many players have become famous in cricket because of playing with some unique style. For example Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar.

Batting in the activity will help a player to score more runs in cricket as well as it will also help the player to save his wicket if the player plays well.

Now, Batting is based on different actions and wrist actions of the player, based on the actions of the wrist and movement of the player the name of the type of batting is given.

Kinds of batting also play a very important role in a cricket match because for players it is very important to select which type of batting has to be done on which ball.

Defensive Shot

cricket batting with the defensive shot

Starting the type of cricket batting with the defensive shot, in this type of batting, the player does not intend to score more but he only stops the ball from hitting the wicket or the player’s body. This shot is usually played when the player knows that on this shot he will not be able to score a high run.

In order to remain in the game without scoring this shot is played, it can also be said that it is a clever shot instead of hitting high and getting out for no reason. While blocking the ball with the defensive shot there are two types of defensive shot: one is a forward shot and the other one is a Backward shot.

Vertical Bat strokes

Vertical Bat strokes in cricket

This is the other type of batting which is mainly of two types one is forward foot and the second one is backward foot. The bat is inclined at the vertical position and the forward or backward foot is decided on the basis of the height of the ball.

Sometimes while hitting vertical bat strokes it is important to play the defensive shot. If the ball comes in a forward direction then this shot is played by directly hitting the ball on point.


It is a very interesting type of batting style that also helps the batsman to score more during the match. Drive describes the position in which the bat is supposed to be in the direction of swing. This action is performed to give the best shot while playing cricket.

Also, it is the most played shot during cricket by the players. But it is important to play this shot carefully because it can also result in out if carelessness is done.


On leave, there is no contact between bat and ball but still, it is considered a shot because it helps to not get out. First few shots are left because the batsman takes time to understand the ball and to evaluate the pitch.