In cricket, you can ask any fans to know which tournaments are famous and important ones in cricket.  The ICC cricket world cup and champions trophies are the two biggest and important tournaments of cricket. The fans wait eagerly for this tournament to happen to get a chance to see his favourite team playing in these tournaments.

 Only the world’s best teams are eligible to play in these tournaments. All the teams play matches against each other, and they are ranked and rated according to their performance in all the matches. The top-ranking teams are directly qualified, and the rest plays the qualifiers to reach these tournaments.

History Of World Cup

ICC World cup is the most famous and biggest tournament

ICC World cup is the most famous and biggest tournament every four years. This tournament is contested in a fifty over format to have exciting matches. The first-ever world cup was held in England in 1975. It was the first time that cricket was experiencing such a big magnitude of tournament happening, but all this effort ensured that cricket reached one of the famous sport in the world. Earlier the matches used to hold of sixty over and thus cricket world cup also has sixty over. Moreover, the first world cup included teams from the countries playing test matches.

But later on, after 1789, all the teams were made eligible to play the world cup. The West Indies team won the first world cup. They showed great performance in both on individual and team level. They carried the positives from each performance right from the beginning to the very end of the tournament. The first world cup, which was not contested in England, was in 1987. In 1987 the cricket board decided to reduce the over from sixty to fifty in a match. It was when cricket’s fame was in full swing, and more and more countries were starting to play cricket.

The craze of the world cup in the fans is huge, and they travel from different places to see the matches of the world cup. The reason why it is famous and best among other types of the tournament is its rich history and tradition. It is not some common tournament that happens every year, and for each team, it is a matter of pride to play in this tournament. The teams have to work hard and have to up their rankings in men cricket teams to be able to qualify for this tournament.

Format Of World Cup

Earlier, all the major and renowned teams were automatically included in the tournament and allowed to play. But since the increase in participation and competition, the qualification tournament was introduced to select the playing teams of the world cup. Thus many tournaments happens in cricket like the champions trophy, T-20 world cup in which all team tries to perform better to qualify for the world cup. The ICC also conducts the World cup qualifiers tournament before the ODI world cup. A total of sixteen team plays the world cup, and the last six teams of the world cup are decided from the pre-qualifiers by the ICC. 

When you talk about the main world cup tournament, it progresses from the group stages to the knockout stage. The teams are divided into groups of four teams, and the matches are conducted based on a round-robin format. The top two teams from each group progress to the next round, where they play a match against each other in a knockout draw. Then after the knockout draw, there happens quarterfinals, semifinals, and the finals in all these types of cricket tournaments.

Champions Trophy

The World cup and champions trophy are the two most famous and craziest tournaments

The first-ever tournament was known as the knockout tournament conducted in 1998.  It is played after every four years. Today this tournament is famous as the champions trophy. Cricket in the era of the late 1990s was not doing very well financially. The people or the fans were not coming to the stadiums as they used to in large numbers. The fame of cricket was fading, and it was time for the ICC to make changes to revive the game of cricket. Thus the board decided to introduce the champions trophy to gain some money out of it.

This proved to be a great move by the boards and as the first tournament became a hit and people loved this tournament, and it recorded a great watching over the TV. It helped the people to once again take an interest in cricket.  The World cup and champions trophy are the two most famous and craziest tournaments that everyone can enjoy.