Cricket is a game which is fond of almost every person around the world. This is a special type of game that comes in 3 different formats.

These are T20 international cricket, one-day international cricket, and Test cricket. Players play all of these matches following the instructions given by the International cricket council. Here we are going to demonstrate the types of this game.

Test cricket

This is the conventional type of sport. This form of cricket has been played since 1877. Now players play this game in a five-day format which consists of two innings. It is believed that this game is in peak form as it tests teams for the long term.

Teams are required to display endurance, strategy, and temperament in several conditions for doing good in this format.

The leader of the test match ranking receives a cash prize of $1 million with the consecutive three teams in the rankings also receiving cash rewards.

One day internationals

This is alternatively termed as ODIs. Players began to play cricket in this format in 1971. But this format became famous in the 1980s.

In this format one innings match of 50 over each side, in which teams with a mixture of technique, pace, and skill are considered for doing well. The ICC’s peak event, the ICC cricket world cup is organized every four years in this format.

The ICC women’s world cup is organized every four years. The ICC under 19 cricket world cup 19 is organized every two years. ICC arranges ICC champions trophy for the top 8 rank holder teams of this game. The 50 over format started recently in this game.

T20 internationals

This is the current, shortest and newest form of this game. Two teams of players play this game with 20 over each side.

This format came into the market in 2005. This game format normally is played in three hours along with efficient bowling, huge hitting, and fantastic fielding. It became very much popular among cricket lovers.

ICC world T20 is the exclusive international sports format that began in 2007. The ICC T 20 women’s game began in 2019.  The top 9 champions take part in this game since the 2019 ICC world test championships.

The two top teams will participate at the finish of the cycle in the T20 world test championship final. Later another 4 countries take part in the ODI series and that means 16 teams participate in this game format.

Apart from these, all 104 member nations have been granted the status of T20. For women, this becomes effective on 1st July 2018. For men, it came into effect from 1st January 2019.

Not all forms of cricket are qualified for official cricket matches. Several club crickets in several countries are played in a similar manner. These are considered unofficial games.

List A

This indicates limited-overs sports and ODIs that are not T20. In these matches, players play this game over 50 or 40 overs. It is decreased as per competition rules.