Together We Made It

Public Reception: Thursday, May 17, 5-7pm

Together We Made It
Welcome to the PAL (Photo and Literacy) Project between Fowler High School and Syracuse University. This is the seventh collaboration between Stephen Mahan’s Syracuse University TRM310/610 students and Adam Lutwin’s English 11 and 12 classes at Fowler High School. Over a 12-week period, Fowler students were given journals and digital cameras to document their experiences and complete specific photo and writing assignments. In weekly sessions, they combined the use of cameras and creative writing to explore their own definitions of setting, conflict, and point of view, as well as completing original poetry, speeches and short non-fiction. As the viewer, you gain unbridled access to the artists, who present themselves in ways that they never knew possible. What each student identifies as ordinary creates an unmatched individuality that is too often lost in the standardized classroom. This participation in the self shows students that their stories have merit and meaning and that sharing what they know is extremely important. We invite you to explore, read, observe and ask questions about this wonderful collection of inspiring work. We appreciate your patronage and above all want you to know that, “Together We Made It!”
Special thanks to: Syracuse University, Chancellor, Nancy Cantor, Fowler High School Administration and Staff, The Reisman Foundation, The Partnership for Better Education, Coalition of Museum and Art Centers, The College of Visual and Performing Arts, Near West Side Initiative, SUArt Gallery, Warehouse Gallery, Syracuse City School District, Very special thanks to the student participants for allowing us into your world.

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