Why do you stare
 Just because I cover my hair
 Why do you glower
 Just because of my attire
 Why do you seem to think
 That I don’t care
 That I have no feelings
 No sense of compassion
 No sense of fashion
 No sense of what’s right
 And for whom I fight
 So just listen to me
 Truly… I’m free
 I’m part of mortality
 Not an alien freak 
And this hostility 
Is hurting me
 Deep inside,
 I’m burning 
Yearning to break free
 Of this stupidity

Why can’t you listen?
 Why can’t you open your eyes?
 See my tears
 See me cry
 See me and open your heart 
I’m not a strange being 
I’m not an invading force 
I’m just a human girl 
And you have no right 
To mess with my affairs
 To make rules and laws
 That goes against my way of life 
Against my sense of what’s true
 No matter what you think 
I’m not in need of a rescue
 I’m happy with what I choose 
I don’t need liberating
 And I’m not giving up 
I don’t need your blessing 
To follow my heart
 To live my life

But just listen 
I’m only asking you to listen
 See me for who I am
 See me for what I am
Please… I’m asking you
 Just for a second
 Open your hearts 
See the truth
 See me for who I am
 See me for what I am
Look past the screen 
Look past the barrier you see
 And look at my personality
 I’m not a murderer
 I’m not a beggar 
I’m not a failure
 I’m just a human being
 And I just want you to see 
Me for who I am

Underneath my scarf 
Underneath my hijab 
I’m just an ordinary girl 
With hopes and dreams 
And I want to be free
 Of you discriminating me 
Because I’ve done nothing wrong
 And you shouldn’t convict me 
For breaking a law
 That doesn’t exist 
Leave me in peace
 Stop trying to “assist”
 Because it’s not helping
 It’s just breaking
 Our souls
 By locking us up 
In a jail of hate and scorn
 And of adversity
 As if we have some fatal disease
 And it hurts

So please
 Listen to me 
When I say
 We are already free
 We have no desire 
No want to shed our attire
 We just want to be let free
 Of this cage of misery 
Of hate
 This boundary
 That you have helped create
 Pay attention to me 
Because instead of liberating me
 You have thrown me to the lions
 And I’m tired of being torn at
 I’m tired of being an outcast
 I just want to be me
 And I want you to see
 That you haven’t helped me to be free
 Instead you’ve taken that away
 Face it… you’ve imprisoned me 
And I hope you’re happy
 Because I’ve lost my liberty
 Why couldn’t you see?
 That I was already free…


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