PAL Project Professional Development Saturday Academy

21st Century Learners have certain characteristics. They are collaborative, adaptive, information, media and technology savvy, immediate and instant, creators and adaptors. What about the 21st Century Teacher? What skills and characteristics would they need to teach our 21st century students? To be effective educators they must become 21st century learners as well. 

The Photography and Literacy Project (PAL) workshop promotes skills needed to teach our 21st century students. PAL Project will engage teachers in imaginative, interdisciplinary techniques to adapt curriculum and requirements using visual and written literacy. Educators will use digital imagery and Photoshop, in combination with diverse writing strategies, to create on-line blogs, photographic images, and journals. This workshop will enable teachers to become more efficient with technologies and manipulate them to serve their educational needs.

Equally important, a 21st educator must model and expose our students to key characteristics implicit to being human. Bullying and intolerance of others is one of the daily battles as an educator. Educators must model tolerance, acceptance, a wider viewpoint, and reflection. PAL Project will arm teachers with knowledge and skills needed to facilitate students ability to “tell their own story” using writing, imagery, and technology for expression. Through these student works peers (and teachers) will have an opportunity to look at one another’s lives promoting tolerance, acceptance, and a wider viewpoint of the world. Teachers will gain knowledge of journaling to promote student reflection.  

Stephen Mahan, Director of PAL Project at Syracuse University and Mary Lynn Mahan, Art Teacher at Edward Smith School will work with SCSD teachers during this professional development coarse. The objective will be to enable educators to be fluent in tools and technologies that enable communication, collaboration, and critical thinking through connecting digital media and creative writing.   


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