This show, “Who Should I Be Tonight” is the result of the sixth collaboration between Syracuse University PAL Project/TRM310 students and Mr. Adam Lutwin’s English 12 classes at Fowler High School.  Over a ten week period, students from both classes met weekly to discuss and present their work.  Fowler students were given access to digital cameras and journals to complete specific photo and writing assignments.  These assignments included the use of setting, characterization, conflict and point of view to illustrate the real life experiences of the participants.  They also focused specifically on personal relationships, graduation and the future. The S.U. students were also required to complete the assignments that served as a working model for the Fowler students.  Under the guidance of Mr. Mahan and the S.U. mentors, students were asked to select their best writing and photos to display.  The result is the exhibition you see here. Their extraordinary work is told with a degree of honesty that speaks volumes about their seriousness and willingness to share with others.  We ask you to observe, read, discuss, comment and question in the same way we have asked our students to.  We appreciate your patronage and hope you enjoy the show!

Adam Lutwin

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