“The OnCampus Program is a collaboration between the Syracuse City School District and Syracuse University’s School of Education where Syracuse students between the ages of 18 and 21 who have intellectual, developmental and other disabilities audit classes throughout Syracuse University.

During finals week this semester (December 12 -15) the OnCampus students traveled via the Connective Corridor bus to the Warehouse to work with the Photography and Literacy (PAL) program and Director Stephen Mahan. OnCampus Coordinator Yusuf Soule said, “I cherished the opportunity for our students to experience such an amazing week learning about photography, computer software, writing and creativity, especially in such a warm and welcoming environment with the people and justice conscious Stephen Mahan.”

Two OnCampus students had taken classes and worked at 601 Tully last summer. The Director of 601, Marion Wilson, had suggested to Yusuf that he connect with Stephen and his program. Seven OnCampus students each created a number of works of art during their time in the PAL project and (held) will be having an exhibition at the Warehouse Tusday, December 20 at 12:00.”
Yusuf Soule

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